Latvian beer

Our product is fresh draft beer that is made in small Latvian breweries. We try hard to keep ancient Latvian traditions of brewing. Only those brewers are chosen who keep beer from being exposed to high temperature influence and don’t use any preservatives while making it. The chart below contains the specification of beer and shows our suppliers.

Sort of beer

Way of processing of beer

Our brewers

Non-filtered (with typical cloudy shade)


Brenguļu alus
Rīgas alus
Madonas alus

Valmiermuižas alus

Brālis alus
Užavas alus

Rēzeknes alus

Iļģuciema gaišais


”Cēsu nefiltrētais”alus

”Bauskas” gaišaisnefiltrētais


Process during which up to 90% of yeast is gone, though the whole micro flora is left

Krāslavas alus

Filtered 100% of yeast and 30% of micro flora separation

Tērvetes alus

Piebalga alus


Thermal treatment during which beer is step-by-step heated up to

70 C°. All micro flora is gone.

Not being offered for trading

Chemically processed

Addition of preservatives, stabilizers and other substances

Not being offered for trading