“Miestiņš” some time ago

Miestiņš is a sort of home brewed sweet beer. In due time it was a beverage made from

honeycombs either fully or particularly empty which contained small amount of alcohol.

“Miestiņš” nowadays

Currently “Miestiņš” is a chain of specialized stores trading with pasteurized draft beer.

Fidelity to true beer

  • „Miestiņš” offers various non-pasteurized, “live” sorts of beer, with period of storage from 5 to 20 days. It is rare chance to try real, just brewed, slightly bitter and tasteful beer. „Miestiņš” stores are supplied with beer directly from local breweries. Thanks to professional storage facilities and equipment any risk of beer being in contact with air during the process of fermentation is totally excluded, beer does not lose its first class taste, light bitterness and value. The beer is kept real.